Key Functions

Please note that a full list of all functions will be provided at time of purchase.

  1. is the cap for pulling the soft tape.
  2. is the LCD to show the measurement value.
  3. is the eyelet, for the user to wear and access the mini eTape easily with a lanyard.
  4. is the YELLOW button which carries different functions base on various OS.
    - by a single click, it’s for popup the software built-in keyboard in the iOS.
    - by a double click it’s for popup the software built-in keyboard in the Android OS.
    - While there’s no function in the MS Windows or MacOS.
  5. is the GREEN button to switch between measuring units, such as INCH, CM or MM.
  6. is the BLUE button, which can accumulate the values of a segmented measurement point, such as the waistband. Users able to measure part of the waistband length, press the BLUE button to store the measured value, then flip the trousers and continue to measure the rest waistband length. A total measurement value of the waistband will be recorded automatically upon pressing the CONFIRM button.
  7. is the RED button, it is similar to the ENTER key on a keyboard, users can easily bypass a measurement point and move to the next POM without recording any measurement value.
  8. is a LOCK switch, users can lock the plastic tape to stop the auto-retracting feature.
  9. is the CONFIRM button, a single click is to transmit the measured value, while a double click is for CANCEL or clear the measured value.
  10. is the ON/ OFF switch, please press and hold for 3 seconds.
  11. is the DOWN button, single click for moving downward, double click for moving to the right.
  12. is similar to the TAB key on a keyboard. It is used to advance the cursor to the next tab stop.
  13. is similar to the SHIFT+TAB key on a keyboard. It is used to move the cursor to the previous tab stop.
  14. is the UP button, single click for moving upward, double click for moving to the left.
  15. is the hook for measuring stretchy fabric and elastic band.
  16. is the (Type-C USB) battery charging port.