1. The measurement reading on the LCD is inaccurate.
    If you find the measurement of the mini eTape LCD Display to be inaccurate, please switch it off and on again to reset. The mini eTape shall be recalibrated automatically after reset.
  2. The measurement reading on the LCD does not return to zero.
    When the plastic tape is retracted too quickly, the measurement may not return to zero. In this case, you can simply switch it off and on again to reset the measurement to zero.
  3. The mini e-Tape LCD won’t turn on.
    The battery may completely be discharged. Please charge the mini e-Tape using a type c USB cable and try again. It should take approximately 2 hours to fully charge the mini e-Tape.
  4. How far can the mini e-Tape Measure?
    The mini e-Tape has a physical measuring tape of 150cm / 59.05 inches range. However it’s greatly extended by using the BLUE button (accumulate feature), as it can add up multiple measurement values as a total measurement.
  5. How accurate is the mini e-tape?
    The mini e-Tape has a measurement accuracy of +/- 2mm. This applies to a measurement between 0 – 150cm (0 – 59.05 inches) range. The variance may larger for longer lengths.
  6. How long does the battery last?
    Fully charged, the battery should give you 10 hours of constant measuring.
  7. When does the mini e-Tape turn off automatically?
    After two hours of inactivity, the mini e-Tape will automatically power off.
  8. Is the mini e-Tape waterproof?
    Unfortunately, the mini e-Tape is not waterproof. Please avoid it from getting wet, as it can damage the electrical components.
  9. Can I use mini e-Tape with multiple devices such as Computer, Tablets and mobile phones?
    Yes, you can use one mini e-Tape with different devices, but one at a time. Once the mini e-Tape is paired with a device, you must first manually unpair the current Bluetooth connection before pairing with another device.
  10. How long is the warranty?
    This warranty is effective for 12 months from the date of purchase. The mini e-Tape was manufactured under a strict quality assurance and inspection standards by Quikec. The Mini e-Tape with defects that are returned within the warranty period will be either be (i) repaired or replaced with a new product, free of charge, or (ii) refunded, at our discretion. Please note that a used

The following are excluded from warranties :
Used mini e-Tapes purchased from a third party; mini e-Tapes that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained, misused, abused or involved in accidents (including fire and the spillage of food or liquid) or natural disasters; Any damages to the mini e-Tape due to the failure to follow the Safety Warnings and Usage instructions.