The Patented QuikMeasure is a digital ruler designed to digitally capture measurement results and transfer data to an application system in real-time.

Most quality inspectors today are using spreadsheets or just handwritten papers to record inspection data without any systematic means for using the data or generating reports.

QuikMeasure helps make this process easier and more efficient. It sends the measurements directly to your mobile, tablet or PC apps (via Bluetooth), which saves a quality control officer more than 50% of the time to record the measurement results. 

The data captured from this smart device as well as being automatic can be used to generate reports to gain insights from a quality perspective.

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Why the apparel industry needs QuikMeasure

Data shows that measurement is the most painful part of the inspection process. This is due to the operation being the most time-consuming and requiring the most labour.

Typically, measurements are carried out at multiple stages. Initially at the product development and sampling stage right through the production and quality inspection cycles then the final audit stage.

  • A single garment may be measured as many as 20-30 times as it moves through the supply chain
  • A single garment may have up to 50 points of measurement
  • A single style will have multiple sizes, as many as 10
  • A single buying office will measure on average 500-1,000 garments per day
  • A single factory depending on its size can measure well in excess of 10,000 garments per day

This can add up to millions of measurements per day. And costs companies millions of dollars in time and labour!

Benefits of the QuikMeasure e-tape and its associated software

  • A time saving of up to 80% can be achieved on the measurement function
  • The amount of people required to carry out the measurement function can be greatly decreased
  • The levels of accuracy can be greatly increased
  • The automatic collection of data and early detection of quality issues relating to measurement can be used for analytics and reporting helping strategic decisions

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Corporate information

QuikMeasure is patented and was developed by Quikec International limited, who is a company that specializes in ground-breaking software integrated with innovative smart/digital tools, specifically designed for the manufacturing sector.

Quikec's aim is to help brands, buying houses, manufacturers and third-party testing and inspection companies to drive continuous improvement, productivity and efficiencies using innovative patented technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data while reducing the cost of the quality function.

We are immersed in a vibrant ecosystem with unprecedented innovation, world-class equipment and teams of experts within the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. We make use of AI, big data and patented smart/digital tools to ease up and add value to the quality management activities along the supply chain.

The management team between us possess almost 150 years of experience in manufacturing and in IT and software design.

Quikec currently has 150+ companies and over 1500 Quality teams using our range of products.

Please visit our corporate site for further information: www.quikec.com